London, I barely knew you…

September 24, 2010

So with my departure to Southampton literally right around the corner (I leave this sunday!), I’ve decided to grace this blog with my presence once more. Which I should probably do more often, since it is MY blog. I’ve said it before though – leave me comments and feedback guys! It really does provide the motivation to post on here more regularly.

So first off, apologies for not getting around to posting up the UKCAT practice links that I promised. The only internet access I’ve had at home over the past few months has been on my iPod touch, which you may have guessed is not ideal for posting long winded articles on here. Anyway, since the time for the UKCAT has passed this year, those links will go up sometime in the coming months hopefully. I may do something on the BMAT, but since I was nowhere near good enough to apply to BMAT med schools I’d have to do a fair amount of research first and well, that’s just too much effort right now šŸ˜›


I was out and about up London town the other day and I realised – I barely know the place. I’ve lived just outside of central, in a sort of grey area that some people call South East London and others call North West Kent, for coming up to 20 years now. And I still barely know my way around central London. It’sĀ embarrassing.

In my defence my parents have been so ridiculously strict with me that it’s only really in the past couple of years I’ve had the freedom to go out regularly. Before that I’d only manage to get out on rareĀ occasions, and only then by fibbing :/ But it feels weird, I’m leaving this city, which tbh I do love, it’s an amazing place, Central London, but yeah, I’m leaving for a new city, and yet I barely know the place. It annoyed me. Still, I suppose the flipside is that Southampton’s only about an hour and a half away by train.

Ahh Southampton. Where it all begins. Everything’s finally ready now, all the last minute shopping is done and dusted thank god. Pots, pans, bedding, shower stuff, new clothes so my flatmates don’t realise I’m a tramp until it’s too late – everything’s waiting to be packed away by my slightly crazy older sister. Women have a talent for packing, and with her mild OCD she’s especially good. Mum’s in particular have a kind of super power, where they manage to fit a physically impossible amount of stuff into a ridiculously small bag. Without creasing any of the clothes. Now that’s talent.

And once again I’m waffling. So freshers tickets are bought and ready to be printed off as I type. Bastards charged a Ā£2 transaction fee on the purchase as well, as if students are bloody rolling in it. Well, I don’t know about other students, but I’m certainly not :/

I’m not nervous/ scared anymore. It’s odd, because a couple of weeks ago I had freaking bats in my stomach, but now it’s just been replaced. Replaced by pure excitement. No doubt that’ll change completely after I have my first lecture and realise my course mates all have an IQ that’s double mine. But for now, I’m just going to say my goodbyes, head down to Southampton and enjoy being a fresher šŸ™‚