It’s too goddamn hot…

July 21, 2010

…and even though it’s 2:37am I’m nowhere near drifting off, so I though I might as well breath a little life back into this sorry excuse for a blog.  In my defence, the whole point of this thing was to write about my experiences as a medical student, and since I start at Southampton in October, there haven’t been a great many of the aforementioned experiences to write about yet. The closest I’ve come is watching Scrubs all the way through from season 1 to the abysmal season 9.  Anyway, it’s UKCAT season again, and since I managed to drastically improve my score second time around, I figured I may as well doll out some dollops of wisdom for this years applicants. First of all – get yourself the 600 questions UKCAT book. It’s invaluable in preparing for the test. It’s also much much harder, particularly in the quantitative reasoning section, so don’t be tempted to self harm if you’re getting stupidly low scores. Make sure you focus on the timing for your questions. Be strict – in the actual exam if you can’t figure out a question quickly enough, have a guess, but make sure you flag it too – you might have time to give it a proper go if you finish that section early. You’ll want to start practicing for the UKCAT about a month before you take it. As fantastic as it is, the 600 Questions book isn’t going to have enough practice material for you to adequately prepare. I’ll post up some links to good online practice material later on, when I’m using my pc instead of my iPhone. Although I’ve gotta say, the keyboard is wondrous to use. Last but not least on the UKCAT advice – remember your lucky rabbits foot, or socks or whatever, because to hit the really solid marks you WILL need luck on your side.  So, staring at this tiny screen has made my eyes sufficiently tired so that I might actually be able to get some shuteye now. Don’t expect any updates until I actually start uni now though, although hopefully there’ll be more regular ones from then on out. And as always, sorry for all the waffling on.  Peace out biatches!


One Response to “It’s too goddamn hot…”

  1. Hey man, sorry, completely missed the email notification of ur comment and haven’t updated in a long while, as you can see.

    Since it’s a bit late now I guess I’ll post the UKCAT stuff some other time. Sorry about that. However expect more regular updates now that I’m actually starting the course in a few days time 🙂

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