April 16, 2010

…tend to become distinctly less fun after the first 5 or so in a row. In fact, the damn little sticky pads can be pretty painful to rip off sometimes. Although I think I just have sensitive skin. But I digress…

Spent most of the day helping out with mock medical exams for 5th year KCL medics. This mostly involved lying there topless whilst they attempted to perform an ecg and then interpret the results. Fun stuff. Especially since I’m ridiculously ticklish. I think some of the medical students might have got the impression that I was enjoying the whole procedure a bit too much; I definitely got some dodgy looks. Got a little worried when the supervising nurse looked at my ecg and told me it was extremely strange, although apparently it’s nothing to worry about – one of my squiggly lines was squigglier and spikier than expected.

When the examiners from the oxygen mask station came down and requested one of us to help them out I seized the chance to spend the rest of the day fully clothed. What I didn’t realise was that they simply needed someone for the medical students to put the oxygen mask on and off of. On the upside I’m now an expert on how to manage oxygen therapy in patients with COPD.

Here’s a few pointers; DON’T pull the string until it snaps off the mask and pings the patient in the eye, they will get pissed off. Oh and it might be an idea to ask them to remove their glasses first too. It worries me that these people will soon be unleashed upon already- suffering patients.

And since I’m clearly not really Mr Hopkins, 65 years old with COPD, no I don’t know what medication I’m on. Jeez.

Family wise things are feeling shit at the moment. No point mincing words or trying to come up with some witty comment about it. My mum decided to go bi polar and switch from being a normal person to one who screams and throws objects around for no reason. Usually very heavy or fragile objects. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing unusual for her. My response has been to go on what I like to call “personality strike” – no joking, smiling, or communicating at all with any of my family members unless absolutely necessary. The main problem with this is that I tend to forget about it by the next morning. Determined to last this time though.

Oh. And I’ve come to realise that I still like a girl I thought I was completely over. Or I think I like her. Either way I want to ask her out, but have a strong feeling she’ll reject me. For the second time. It’s a long story.

Aaargh. At the risk of sound horribly emo, FML.


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