Let’s take it from the top people…

January 31, 2010

So I’ve decided to reboot my old, infrequently updated and pretty much crappy blog and start this new one based on something I know that I can write about passionately; medicine.

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you I’ve had a tough journey getting there, but on Monday 25th Jan 2010 I logged into UCAS track to find an offer from Southampton School of Medicine. I won’t lie, it was a pretty emotional moment for me since last year I’d received  straight rejections and so far I’d spent my gap year moping around and missing my mates who were scattered across the country getting crunk and failing their degrees.

So I’m basically going to be blogging about med school (when I eventually start). Hopefully any med applicants out there will find this a useful (and entertaining) resource, I know I certainly could’ve done with someone telling me exactly how hard it is to get in, and how much harder it would be once I did (excluding school teachers and 16-18 coordinators, aaaand pretty much every Tom, DIck and Harry of course). From now until I actually start this is mostly going to consist of advice about your UCAS applications, as well as news on the outcome of the Manchester med school interview I had on Thursday 28th Jan 2010 and random info on medical unis and courses etc. After that it’ll be off to med school and you’ll be able to read about me struggling to keep up with the genii that will no doubt make up my fellow med students.

So who knows, perhaps greatness awaits. More likely ten years from now they’ll find me swinging from my stethoscope, face turning blue and feet still twitching. Or I might make a half decent Doc. Who knows?


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